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We are thrilled to open our second location in bustling, creative Dallas! Our other location is in Fort Worth has become known as a “homey, neighborhood” place where our focus on service, eclectic blind-tasted wine list and Chef-driven menu have helped turn our patrons into “family”. Our goal is to do the same thing in Dallas.

Think of Winslow’s on Cedar Springs as Fort Worth’s younger cousin – a smaller space and menu, but still full of the friendliness regulars love.

While “Winslow” may sound like a very proper, blue-blooded sommelier, he was actually a rescued dog from Arkansas! Read more about how Joe met Winslow here.

How did Winslow get his name in neon lights? It all started out as an idea on a cocktail napkin when Joe Berry and his nephew attended the Grand Opening of a friend’s restaurant in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They were inspired and began brainstorming about how they would open a place of their own. About a million cocktail napkins and a few bottles of wine later, the idea for a wine café back home in the Dallas-Fort Worth area was born. That was about 3 am, right about the time when Joe’s blue heeler, “Winslow”, woke up with a big stretch and a yawn to see what all the commotion was about. The two men looked at each other and immediately knew that they had a name for their idea: “WINSLOW’S”!

It all came into fruition in June of 2008 and now, 7 years later, we will cater to your wishes to make sure that we bring the same experience to Dallas. We want to be your home away from home where you love to gather and celebrate. We want you to be family!


Our Address:

3908 Cedar Springs Rd. Dallas, TX 75219